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Welcome To Your Tent ...

Thanks for buying the ECOdept Instant Dome Tent!

I'm really sorry that the instructions weren't included with the tent in hardcopy - my manufacturer conveniently 'forgot' to do this!! 

Here are the instructions for the ECOdept ITENT230 below.
You can also download them by clicking on this link.

Putting the tent up:

  1. Lay out the ground sheet where you wish to pitch the tent.
  2. Lay out the tent on top of the ground sheet, lift the middle and then ensure the poles all click into place.
  3. Use the additional two multi-part poles around each of the door openings.
  4. Peg down and put guy ropes where appropriate, and its ready for use.

Taking the tent down:

  1. Remove pegs, guy ropes and remove the two multi-part poles from around each of the door openings.
  2. Push down on the two foam grips on the short poles that extend the rainfly over each of the two doors.
  3. Collapse the tent, then pull on each of the 4 corner poles before folding them inwards at their hinges.
  4. Pull up each of the four corners to the centre and pack back into the carry bag.


Using the flysheet as a shelter without the inner tent:

  1. Between the flysheet and the inner tent, you will need to unfasten all the ‘toggle’ ties that connect the flysheet and the inner tent.
  2. Unclip the inner tent from the clips at the bottom of the poles at each corner.
  3. Clip the groundsheet into the clips at the bottom of the poles at each corner. 

Your tent will now look like this:


 Additional Instructions for the Reinforcing Poles:


Short Videos

Also, here are a couple of very short clips to show you how quickly the tent goes up and comes down. Apologies for the amateur nature of these, and the fact that they're shot inside ... I couldn't face any sub-zero filming outside at the weekend :-)

Putting up the tent - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1bwsI5aRRI
Collapsing the tent - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GKj8dwPE_g

You'll see that the instructions are super simple. But if you do have a problem of any kind, please do get in touch with me directly and I'll be happy to help you.

Best regards
Mark Hodierne, founder ECOdept